Roster Restructuring

Considering a roster restructure but are unsure where to start?

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Roster Restructuring

The Process:

Boucher Advisory will meet with your executive team to get an overview of what you would like your roster to look like, and where
the savings can be made, without compromising on skill mix.

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How It Works

The Process

HR File Compliance audit & Remediation work

Boucher Advisory will come onsite and audit all staff files to ensure compliance with your own internal systems and regulatory requirements. Any regulatory non-compliance identified, such as expired police checks, is prioritised first.Boucher Advisory will liaise with staff to ensure any outstanding paperwork is completed. 

Documentation and Consultation

Position Descriptions are updated and new ones are created. Policy and Procedures are reviewed to account for new changes. Staff and relevant Unions are notified and consultations begin


New Staff are orientated and the new roster is implemented.

Organisational restructure mapping

We will work with you on the desired new structure. Once agreed, we will complete a staff skills matrix to identify areas for internal advancement and  opportunities for external recruitment.


Boucher Advisory will cost the new roster for you, taking into consideration regulatory requirements and best use of shift patterns to ensure operational savings are maximised.

Recruitment & Onboarding

New Positions are advertised, and Boucher Advisory will assist with the interview process and reference checks, and staff onboarding.


Roster Outsourcing and HR compliance Management:

We offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions for staff rostering and HR management. 
Boucher Advisory overseas all Annual and Sick Leave requests to streamline your operations, reduce the administrative burden and ensure compliance.

Rosters are displayed 6 weeks in advance.

Our team can work within your existing software, or if required, can recommend a software partner to best handle the rostering and HR compliance requirements within your organisation.

Identify the Gaps

Boucher Advisory complete a comprehensive on-site audit to assess compliance with accreditation standards and best practice.

Create Action Plan

Boucher Advisory will create an action plan listing priorities based on level of risk. The action plan will be used to form the organisation’s plan for continuous improvement.

Plan Agreement

Collaboration with executive team, and commission if NTA or sanction, to agree on timeframes and approve the action plan.

Team Education & Training

Boucher Advisory will work within your organisation’s systems and educate staff on areas of improvement. We can also organise ongoing mandatory education through our RTO training partners.

Embed New Systems & Processes

Boucher Advisory embeds simple and effective processes to meet compliance against accreditation standards. We leave you with sustainable systems your team can actually run.

Follow-Up Compliance Audit

Boucher Advisory will offer a follow-up audit to ensure staff are maintaining the recommended systems.

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