Nurse Advisory

Sherrie Boucher’s experience as a nurse advisor and her familiarity with the Commission makes her uniquely positioned to advise and support providers.

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Nurse Advisory

Sherrie Boucher is a Nurse Advisor who can assist providers who have been served with a Notice to Agree (NTA) or Sanction by the Commission. Nurse Advisors are approved and appointed by the commission for the duration of the NTA or sanction.

As a Nurse Advisor, Sherrie liaises directly with the commission, which includes leading fortnightly meetings and preparation of any NTA reports. Our Nurse Advisory support includes maintenance of the action plan, collation of evidence, and ensuring that deadlines are met as set out by the commission.

Notice To Agree Support (NTA)

A Notice To Agree, or NTA, is a document that lists the actions a provider is required to take (including necessary timeframes). If a provider fails to agree to an NTA, their approval to provide aged care services subsidised by the Australian government may be revoked.

Once a provider has agreed to an NTA, they are legally bound to take the actions they agreed to. If they do not, they may be subject to penalties.

What Happens If I Receive An NTA?

If you’ve been served an NTA time is of the essence and the quicker a nurse advisor is appointed, the faster your action plan can be prepared and submitted.

Boucher Advisory is experienced at creating action plans with realistic timeframes that can be achieved in order to rectify non-compliances.

Typical examples include but are not limited to: education of staff, embedding new care planning and assessment systems, enhancing communication with residents and families, embedding quality frameworks,

We also have access to a professional network of specialist consultants with experience in financial governance, occupational health and safety, clinical consulting, human resource governance, and regulatory compliance (police checks, NDIS checks, position descriptions etc).

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