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At Boucher Advisory, our mission is to equip aged care facilities with fundamental compliance systems that enable sustainable growth; before or after commission sanctions.

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Pre-Accreditation Gap Analysis

Our experts provide comprehensive auditing within your organisation, in order to assess compliance with the Aged Care Standards. Reports are created and presented to the Executive team to strategise and create the action plan.

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Nurse Advisory

Sherrie Boucher is a Nurse Advisor who can assist providers who have been served with a Notice to Agree (NTA) or Sanction by the Commission. Nurse Advisors are approved and appointed by the commission for the duration of the NTA or sanction.

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Clinical Consulting

Clinical Consulting is a type of professional assistance that can be provided to organisations in order to help them with specific projects. This might include providing education to staff members on assessments and care plans, as well as helping to implement clinical governance frameworks.

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Facility Management

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can help you with all aspects of facility management. We have access to a network of Registered Nurses.

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Non-Executive Board Support

From the 1st December 2022, governing bodies of approved providers much have a majority of independent, non-executive members and appoint at least one member who has experience in providing clinical care.

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Ongoing Support

We are ready and able to support your aged care organisation on an ongoing basis to maintain compliance with the Aged Care Standards. We can provide you with the latest information on changes to the standards, as well as help you to implement any new procedures that may be required.

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